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Bang bang, the first six are for you.

Bang bang, the seventh is for me.

Tiny Dancer
29 October 1989
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How come it seems like every 2 years I swing into a ridiuclous Franz Ferdinand obsession? Mmm ALex/Nick for life.
I like to pretend I can sing songs and then record myself in the heat of the moment. I'm also a photography junkie.

I tend to develop moronic rock star crushes almost constantly until they reach the delicate stage of obsession. (eg. Nick Valensi, Conor Oberst, Alex Kapranos, Craig Nicholls..the list goes on..)

I tend to get wrapped up in songs entirely too much until I have to pause the particular song every 5 seconds because I thought I heard a whimper or a slight falter of voice. Eeps.

I write silly poetry.
I like Leonard Cohen and e.e. cummings

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'Isn't that wild?That is SO wild.' - Mr. Sklar = <2+1

give eyes_between more *HUGS*

Oh lover, you should've come over.
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